Crawl or Die (2014) is a sci-fi/horror/thriller written & directed by Oklahoma Ward for Uncork’d Entertainment, VMI Worldwide and Back Yard Films. Starring Nicole Alonso (as “Tank”), Torey Byrne (as “Package”), Tommy Ball, Wil Crown, David P. Baker, Tom Chamberlain, Clayton Burgess, and David Zeliff.

A deadly virus has rendered all women infertile, all but one. Forced underground, the elite soldiers tasked with bringing this woman to safety find themselves crawling for survival from a bloodthirsty creature in a maze of ever shrinking tunnels.

Not rated. 90 minutes. Watch the full-length trailer here …

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My thoughts… I found out after watching Crawl or Die that everything I wanted to say about it in this post had already been said! Like “…definitely not for the CLAUSTROPHOBIC…!” [Shock Till You Drop] or “…’ALIEN’ meets ‘THE DESCENT’ meets ‘CHILDREN OF MEN’…!” [Following Your Fears]. Bastards. Well, I like this film’s claustrophobic premise and the surprising amount of tension built within that cramped framework. I also like that the Alien-like creature is animatronic and not rendered by CGI. Practical effects are (almost) always a plus! However, I love Crawl or Die because it is anchored by such a bad-ass female character! Nicole Alonso is awesome as Tank. She’s like Ripley with bigger balls! I love Crawl or Die even more because Tank makes a decision early on to take her pants off to use the material as a bandage for the Package’s injured hands, and thus spends two-thirds of the film crawling through tunnels in her undies! The only question is how did she get her pants over those huge goth boots so quickly?! My favorite scene in Crawl or Die is the film’s most heart-rending moment – when Tank is forced to make a decision that is even more difficult than choosing to take her pants off! You’ll have to watch it to see what I mean! Crawl or Die, apparently, was envisioned as a trilogy and Tank will return soon. Will she put her pants back on? I don’t know but I’ll be looking forward to her return – with or without pants!