Belle was a Brazilian alternative pop/rock band from Rio Grande do Sul. They were Adrielle Gauer (vocals), Pablo Nechi (guitar), Dinho (bass), and Francis Lima (drums). Belle broke up in 2010 after releasing their debut album Histórias. In 2011, Adrielle gauer tried out for Ídolos Brazil but, surprisingly, didn’t make it past the audition phase. Belle is highly recommended for fans of Paramore. However, since Belle incorporated occasional male vocals (courtesy of Nechi), they are better compared to We Are the In Crowd.

Selected discography:

Histórias (2010). 11 tracks. Choice cuts: “Incerteza”, “Nada vai mudar”, “24 Horas”. Other good cuts: “Não Vá”, “Sonhos”, “Histórias”, “Viver Bem”, “Amanheceu”, “Recomeçar”, “Consciencia”. The rest: “Vícios”.

Selected videos:

Adrielle Gauer has been pursuing a solo career ever since Belle broke up. In 2015, she released her debut solo album Batendo as Asas. Listen to Gauer perform her song “Voltar no Tempo” live in studio here …

Adrielle Gauer links: website/Facebook/Youtube/Soundcloud

My thoughts… Belle‘s Histórias is a great album! I listen to it whenever I need a fix for Paramore-inspired Brazilian pop/rock! Well, truth be told, I usually start with Fake Number – then I move on to Belle! I don’t know why Belle broke up after only one album, and I don’t know why the judges on Ídolos Brazil didn’t like Adrielle Gauer! She’s a good singer! Oh, and she is amazingly beautiful!

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