Madness Comes in Pairs (2014) is a short Harley Quinn fan film directed by Emilio Chisholm-Palacios and Mark Hertzler for RiverFront Productions. Story by Emilio Chisholm-Palacios, Mark Hertzler and Christian Belmonte. Screenplay by Mark Hertzler. Starring Ciera Eis as “Harley Quinn” and Christian Belmonte as “The Joker”. Inspired by the graphic novel Mad Love by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm.

Dr. Harleen Quinzel conducts a psychiatric evaluation of The Joker, but the tables are soon turned as The Joker slowly exposes the festering wound of Harleen’s home life with her abusive gang-member boyfriend, Mike.

Not rated. 11:22 run time. Watch the film here …

My thoughts… Madness Comes in Pairs is “the re-imagining of Harley Quinn’s origin story”. Ciera Eis’ transition from Dr. Harleen Quinzel to Harley Queen is well played. I like Christian Belmonte’s Joker in this film, too.

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