The Convent (2000) is a horror/comedy film directed by Mike Mendez for Alpine Pictures. Story and screenplay by Chaton Anderson. Starring Joanna Canton, Coolio, Megahn Perry, Richard Trapp, Jason Dax Miller, Kelly Mantle, Liam Kyle Sullivan, David Gunn, Jim Golden, Chaton Itae, Renee Graham, and Adrienne Barbeau as “Adult Christine”. DVD distributed by Lions Gate Home Entertainment.

1959. A car pulls up in front of the St. Francis Boarding School for Girls and out steps Christine: young and pretty… and carrying a sawed off shotgun. She coolly marches into the chapel where the nuns are in deep prayer, blows them away one by one then douses the room with gasoline. With the flick of her cigarette, the room in engulfed.

40 years later the school has been shut down and the building condemned-perfect for local fraternity antics. But when a group of students break into the cursed basilica, none of them are prepared for the horror that awaits them in the convent!

This Time, The Body And Blood Will Be Yours

Rated R. 79 minutes. Watch the trailer here …

My thoughts… The Convent is a fun little horror film! It’s a demonic horror/comedy similar to the awesome Night of the Demons (1988), it’s awesome sequel Night of the Demons 2 (1994), and it’s not-so-awesome 2nd sequel Night of the Demons 3 (1997)! The Convent is brisk and brief, clocking in at just 81 minutes, but the time is spent well! Adrienne Barbeau, my childhood crush, is fantastic as foul-mouthed, motorcycle-riding, gun-toting bad-ass Adult Christine!

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