Panic, Fear (2012) is a short slasher horror film directed by John Francis Conway for Zombie Go Boom TV‘s free online “Halloween Horror Movie Film Festival”. Starring Saad Nassim, Hono L. Nezzo and Bryce Thurston.

When a young woman gets up to get a midnight snack, her most feared nightmare comes true.

Not rated. 5:21 run time. Watch the film here …

Watch the film on Vimeo (here).

ZOMBIES, maniacs, slashers, stalkers, “HOT GIRLS” and Comedian “TOM GREEN” headline the first ever online “HALLOWEEN HORROR MOVIE FILM FESTIVAL.” The festival features films by some of the best young up-and-coming directors and producers in Hollywood, whose work can be seen on “THE WALKING DEAD,” “FUNNY OR DIE” and “MACHINIMA.”

My thoughts… Panic, Fear is a short slasher film in the same vein as Chainsaw. All killer, no filler. Chainsaw, of course, is a more “visceral” short film. However, what Panic, Fear lacks in guts and gore it more than makes up for with a cute girl in boy short undies!