Tonight Alive is an Australian pop punk/alternative rock band from Sydney, formed in 2008. They are Jenna McDougall (vocals), Whakaio Taahi (lead guitar), Jake Hardy (rhythm guitar), Cam Adler (bass), and Matt Best (drums). They cite as influences blink-182, Sum 41, Simple Plan, New Found Glory, Good Charlotte, etc. However, Tonight Alive is also highly recommended for fans of Paramore.

Selected discography:

“Wasted Away” (2010). First video. From the EP Consider This.

What Are You So Scared Of? (2011). 14 tracks. Choice cuts: “Starlight”, “Let It Land”, “Listening”. Other good cuts: “To Die For”, “Sure as Hell”, “Fake It”, “Thank You & Goodnight” (featuring Mark Hoppus of blink-182), “Amelia”, “What Are You So Scared Of?”, “Reason To Sing”, “Safe & Sound”, “Breaking & Entering”, “In The First Place”. The rest: “Eject, Eject, Eject!”. Good bonus tracks: “You Know You Know Me”, “Welcome”, “Take Me Down”.

Notes: “To Die For” [originally on the EP All Shapes & Disguises (2010)] and “Thank You & Goodnight” [originally on the EP Consider This (2010)] were re-recorded for What Are You So Scared Of? The album also includes 10 pre-gap hidden acoustic tracks.

“Breakdown” (featuring Benji Madden of Good Charlotte) (2013). A non-album single.

The Other Side (2013). 12 tracks. Choice cuts: “The Ocean”, “Come Home”, “Lonely Girl”. Other good cuts: “Don’t Wish”, “Hell and Back”, “Complexes”, “You Don’t Owe Me Anything”, “Say Please”, “The Other Side”. The rest: “The Fire”, “Bathwater”, “No Different”.

“The Edge” (2014). Featured on the soundtrack to The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Limitless (2016). 11 tracks. Choice cuts: “How Does it Feel?”, “Human Interaction”, “To Be Free”, “Drive”.

Selected videos:

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My thoughts… My latest obsession is female-fronted Aussie pop/punkers Tonight Alive! I was flipping through the February 2016 issue of Alternative Press magazine and I saw an ad for the band’s upcoming 3rd album Limitless. So, I listened to their first two albums and, once again, I found myself re-discovering a band that I had written off previously! It’s not that I didn’t like Tonight Alive when I initially downloaded those albums – it’s most likely that I was into something other than pop punk at the time. Now, I’m into Paramore and the time is right! Tonight Alive‘s cited influences are obvious in their poppy punk sound especially since blink-182‘s Mark Hoppus and Good Charlotte‘s Benji Madden make guest appearances, but the comparison to Paramore is undeniable – even though it’s easy (and sometimes unfair) to compare any newer female-fronted pop punk band to that successful band. Anyway, “To Die For” [whose riffs recall those of Brazil’s Fake Number], “Sure as Hell” and “Starlight” are just some of my favorites from What Are You So Scared Of?, while “The Ocean”, “Come Home” and “Don’t Wish” are some of my favorites from The Other Side. The band seems to be moving in a more pop-oriented direction on Limitless, but I’ll reserve my judgement for after its release on March 4th. Oh, and Jenna McDougall is not only gifted with an amazing voice – one of the best in all of pop punk – but an adorable smile, too!