Mr. Gun (2010) is a short sci-fi/steampunk film written and directed by Ben Juhl for Dirt Capsule Films. Starring Tommy Mack, Jose Rosete, Raul Montgomery, and Kymberly Murphy. Originally produced for Ben Juhl‘s TwilightShow.

An underground gun deal takes a strange twist when the dealer turns out to be a time traveler here to assassinate a murderous, future dictator.

Not rated. 8:09 run time. Watch the film here …

Here’s the extended synopsis …

What if you could go back in time and stop a murderous leader before his evil reign?

Mr. Gun is a fun slice of stylistic sci-fi, film-noir about a retro-victorian time traveler and his plan to neutralize the path of a destructive dictator before his rise to power.

In an old warehouse, on a wasted back-street of urban Los Angeles, an eccentric salesman, named Mr. Gun, sells weapons to a brooding ex-con named Demetri. As the arms deal progresses, Demetri grows increasingly agitated with Mr. Gun’s eccentric sales approach and outrageously expensive prices. As Demetri reaches the end of his fuse, Mr. Gun offers one final deal. He brings to the table a strange, futuristic, toy-like weapon at a ridiculously low price. Taking this offer as an insult, Demetri becomes enraged with the dealer, and threatens him at gun-point. But, Mr. Gun has an Ace up his sleeve. In an explosive twist, he turns the tables to reveal a strange insight into Demetri’s powerfully violent future.

My thoughts… Mr. Gun is cool sci-fi/steampunk film from filmmaker Ben Jule who made the brilliant short film HearT PumPing OiL. Check out Ben Jule’s steampunk fantasy The Wishing Skull, too!

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