The Wishing Skull (2013) is a short steampunk fantasy film written and directed by Ben Juhl for Dirt Capsule Films. Starring Dylan Wickstrom, Marissa Del Prado, Kasey Kempton, Ben Juhl, and Terri Juhl.

Kemp Steadman is surprised when a magic lantern, forged from a human skull, projects the image of a young woman onto his office wall. She offers to grant Kemp one wish if he can solve the mystery behind her murder. Will he get his wish, or die before midnight? Watch and find out.

Not rated. Some nudity. 8:47 run time. Watch the film here …

My thoughts… The Wishing Skull is cool sci-fi/steampunk film from filmmaker Ben Jule who made the brilliant short film HearT PumPing OiL. Melissa Del Prado, who plays Mary and Caitlin Trollop, is very lovely! Check out Ben Jule’s sci-fi/steampunk short Mr. Gun, too!

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