Harley (2015) is a DC fan film written, directed & edited by Jake Kassnoff. Starring Mika Deneige as “Harley Quinn”, Keegan Sisk as “Sam”, Katie Hayashida as “Barbara Gordon”, and Dylan Marcolin as “Dr. H”.

Not rated. 4:29 run time. Watch the film here …

My thoughts… I love this film! It’s DC meets film noir with gumshoe Sam hitting the streets in search of a femme fatale who killed a hapless scientist by punching him in the face with a boxing glove! He, of course, finds Harley Quinn! She knocks him down with her pop gun, then smashes his face with her mallet! I love this film’s stylish look in B&W – and red! And, I love Mika Deneige as Harley Quinn! But where was she hiding that mallet?! Oh, and I love Katie Hayashida as Barbara Gordon, too! Harley was only posted a little over a month ago and I want more!