Lazy Teenage Superheroes (2011) is a short superhero film directed by Michael Ashton. Written by Adam Royster w/Michael Ashton. Starring Joseph Stricker, Ellis Martin, Sean Patrick McGowan, Federico Rodriguez, Anne Costner, Julian Cihi, and Rafael Cebrian.

“Crime doesn’t take a vacation. But we do.”

Lazy Teenage Superheroes follows Ty as he tries to get his new “super” friends, Mitch, Cal, and Rick, to put down the video games, get off the couch, and use their powers to help save the world, instead of themselves.

Not rated. 12:48 run time. Watch the film here …

Watch the trailer (here) and a making-of video (here).

My thoughts… Lazy Teenage Superheroes is the best short superhero film I’ve seen this year! I stand by that declaration in the first few days of 2016 but I’m actually 5 years too late on this awesome film! The funny thing is that I’ve stumbled upon and started watching Lazy Teenage Superheroes on several occasions but tapped out early on because I sensed too much testosterone! Oh, what a silly fool I was because if I had stuck around – like I did today – I would have been treated to bad-ass superheroine Mel(ody) a long time ago! If ever a clever idea needed a web series or a feature film it’s Lazy Teenage Superheroes! I want to know more about these “former Extreme Teens” – and Tyler, who hopes to become part of the team in a Hawkeye-esque capacity! I can’t believe that this film was was made by Michael Ashton for $300! If I had an extra $300, I’d give it to the aspiring filmmaker to make another installment of Lazy Teenage Superheroes!