A Cure for Dead (2011) was a short-lived zombie web series written & directed by Wes Young for Misfire Productions and Newmanic Media. Starring Erik Sundquist, Ilea Matthews, Rae Wright, and Matthew Donaldson. A Cure for Dead promised “the sexiness of True Blood and the fun and gore of Zombieland.”

The zombie sickness has ravaged the world for the last 2 years; mentally, physically, and emotionally hardening those who have survived. The story begins with Arlin, the sole survivor, of a group of scientists that have been desperately working on a cure for the zombie virus, until their lab was overtaken. Escaping with his life, he enlists the help of three survivalist Cassie, Emma, and Tread to take what is remaining of the zombie cure to a facility in the District of Nevada. The journey is dangerous and the zombies will not be the only things lurking around the corner for this group. The series will explore not just the zombie threat but also the exploitation.

Not rated. The episodes produced are:

Watch the official trailer (here). Or just watch the episodes here …

My thoughts… A Cure for Dead isn’t exactly a revolutionary zombie series but it’s very good! In addition, the series’ basic premise of a group of survivors helping to deliver a cure for the zombie virus across the country even predates Syfy’s Z Nation by 3 years! The survivors in Z Nation are also lead by a strong female character – just like in A Cure for the Dead! Ilea Matthews, a stand-up comedian as well as an actress, is very good as A Cure‘s bad-ass leader Cassie. She’s quite lovely, too – as is Rae Wright as flirtatious Emma! Ilea Matthews previously starred in Wes Young’s John Woo-inspired short action film Price of Vengeance (2009). I haven’t seen Price of Vengeance – I would love to see it but I can’t rationalize paying $10 on Amazon for a 5-minute film! I can’t find it anywhere else!