Transmission (2011) was a short-lived “post-apocalyptic zombie web series” directed by Lewis Farinella. Written by Lewis Farinella and Calvin Walker. Starring Eric Main, Jason Kane, Keith Main, Justin Agustin, Courtney Cameron, Jessica Crawford, and David Main.

4 armed gunmen rob a high security bank, killing 1 security guard and taking 2 hostages. Meanwhile, a parasitic outbreak occurs on the other side of town. They now must survive the epidemic…and each other.

Not rated. The episodes produced are:

Watch the trailer (here). Or just watch the episodes here …

My thoughts… Transmission is like Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs meets The Walking Dead! It’s an awesome ameteur zombie web series filled with well-crafted suspense! I just wish Lewis Farinella could’ve finished it! I love the idea of bank robbers and hostages being forced to work together under the most dire of circumstances. The same basic concept was used a year later in the excellent British zom-com Cockneys vs Zombies.

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