CANNIBAL RABBIT is (or was?) a Japanese punk/garage/grunge band from Tokyo formed by Usa (vocals) and Terumi Kumazaki (bass) in 2006. Yuu Hioki (guitar) and Shinya Ozeki (drums) finalized their lineup later year. CANNIBAL RABBIT is highly recommended for fans of Japanese bands such as detroit7, CANTOY, etc.

Selected discography:

Senser (2008). 10 tracks. Choice cuts: “M”, “CITRUS”, “Syokkaku”. Other good cuts: “Yume no Naka”, “TV”, “NEVER LAND”, “TIME LIMIT”, “Yoru no Sei”. The rest: “Haru”, “Jyo”.

I LOVE YOU (2009). 9 tracks. Choice cuts: “Do you know me?”, “I LOVE YOU”, “Aoi Garasu Tama”. Other good cuts: “Sekizui”, “Balloon&Brown”, “Natsuno no Nichi”, “Wasuremono”, “French Dressing”. The rest: “Ha”.

Selected videos:

My thoughts… CANNIBAL RABBIT is recommended for fans of detroit7 for two reasons. First, both Japanese bands play a melodic mix of punk, garage and grunge but CANNIBAL RABBIT‘s sound, which they describe as “a flipped over box of toys”, is louder and more aggressive, while Usa’s vocals are more frenzied. Second, both Usa and detroit7‘s Nabana Tomomi perform barefoot! I’m not sure what happened to CANNIBAL RABBIT but their two albums are awesome!