Marked (2010) is a short South African horror film directed by Paul André Blom for Flamedrop Productions in association with Cosmesis Advanced Prosthetics Studio. Written by Paul André Blom, Sonja Ruppersberg & Clinton Smith. Starring Sonja Ruppersberg, Paul Blom, Ronnie Belcher, Patrick Davidson, and Mena Parker.

A woman arrives home to find an unmarked envelope containing a Betamax cassette. Digging an old player from the closet, she pops it in – a full moon appears on screen… and things get hairy!

Not rated. 7:57 run time. Watch the film here …

In 2002, Paul André Blom and Sonja Ruppersberg formed the industrial metal band Terminatryx (with Sonja on lead vocals) and, in 2005, founded the South African HORRORFESTMarked is the third part of a project from Flamedrop Productions, Terminatryx, and the South African HORRORFEST. The first part was a one minute promo clip for the 5th annual South African HORRORFEST in 2009. Watch the promo clip (here). In 2010, the concept was expanded with new footage and edited into the music video for the song “Virus” by Terminatryx. Watch the video (here). The final part, of course, is the extended short film version above.

My thoughts… Marked is an awesome short werewolf film with excellent practical effects. The fact that the beast is a she-wolf makes it even better! Terminatryx is a cool band, too. Check ’em out if you like bands like Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, Type O Negative, Rob Zombie, etc.

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