The Super Femmes (2013- ) is an action/adventure web series written & directed by Dean Garris. Produced by Dean Garris & Tim Bell. The first season was originally released in 2013-14 and re-released with newly remastered episodes in 2015-16. The second season is currently in the works.

The Super Femmes is an online scripted comic book serial, filled with original characters, satirical storylines, and video game/comic book style action sequences. The show is designed to feel as if it jumped off the page of a comic book into a live action setting.


Cat Nips

Season One (2013-14). Starring Leah Caruana as “Smash Mistress”, Robert Gordon as “Mad Mort”, Don Folz as “Phil McCrevice”, Vanelle as “Cat Nips”, Jacqueline Carrion as “Tara Dickhoff/The Incredible Bitch”, Violet Arcane as “Iron Melons”, Lauryn MacGregor as “The Hummer”, Roger Paris as “The Smoking Cape”, Tavia Brightwell as “Sharon MaBooty”, Spencer Fox as “Chest Hair Charley”, Don Sill as “Dr. Heartless”, Michael Howard as “White Rappin’ Kid”, Lee Armstrong as “Freckles the Clown”, Tanner Lagasca as “Pasta Fingers/The Unholy Hand”, Sonya Davis as “The Emotional Wreck”, Dionne Johnson as “Galaxy Gal”, and Catherine Trail as “The Golden Goddess”.

Not rated. The episodes are:

  • EP01: Revenge of the Dollmaker [10:15]. “The Evil Master of Puppets, Mad Mort, has been released from prison on parole and immediately threatens the city. Can the patron saint of sassiness, Smash Mistress, stop Mort in time to save the city and her apartment?”
  • EP02: Cat & Mouse [8:33]. “It’s been weeks since Smash Mistress disappeared, slowly the City seems to be falling apart and the criminal element see their chance to take hold but not everyone has given up the fight for justice!”
  • EP03: Enter the Bitch [8:23]. “Cat Nips and Tara Dickoff investigates the mysterious call they received. Will they really find Smash Mistress, and keep Tara’s alter ego, The Incredible Bitch, at bay?”
  • EP04: Worker Bee [11:03]. “This city’s super hero’s protest against the mayor’s recent budget cuts, leaving the city defenseless. The only hero out patrolling for criminals is The Hummer, who discovers a dastardly plot by the Evil League of Super Villains.”
  • EP05: It Happened on West Street [5:55]. “The Hummer has discovered a dastardly plot by the Evil League of Super Villains, and is now being held hostage. Can she defeat them on her own or will help arrive in time to stop their nefarious plans?”
  • EP06: Big Guns [7:36]. “The Hummer and Cat Nips suspect that the Mayor may be involved in the disappearance of Smash Mistress.”
  • EP07: The Deception Racket [9:08]. “Cat Nips follows up on her lead that the Mayor may be involved in the disappearance of Smash Mistress, but what she finds is even more distressing.”
  • EP08: The Stench of Truth [7:37]. “As The Hummer discovers the secret of The Golden Goddess, will it be enough to defeat Mad Mort?”
  • EP09: Unintended Consequences [12:54]. “Cat Nips and The Smoking Cape must join forces with a new super femme to defeat Mad Mort, but will it ultimately lead to unforeseen events?”

Watch EP02: Cat & Mouse here:

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My thoughts… The Super Femmes is a low-budget/high-camp superheroine web series that I highly recommended for fans of similar campy superhero web series like The Adventures of Super7evenWe Might Be Superheroes!, etc. I love those series and, now, I love The Super Femmes! First, the web series looks great! The production value was obviously not affected by the low budget! Second, the characters are awesome! My favorites are Cat Nips and The Hummer. They’re sexy and so adorable – respectively! Third, the humor is wonderfully sophomoric! The characters names are an obvious hint! Finally, I love the first season’s tease of things to come! A mysterious superheroine (Jennifer Russoli) informs Cat Nips and Private Dancer (formerly Smash Mistress) that Mad Mort’s Doll Incubator is also a time machine. “Wait… who are you? And where are you from?” Cat Nips wonders. “I’m The Avenging Cougar. And I’ve come from Season Three to warn you about… The Unholy Hand.” She came from Season Three? Hysterical! But let’s get Season Two going first! Oh, and by the way, Private Dancer is way sexier than Smash Mistress!


Cat Nips


The Hummer


Smash Mistress