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Elektra: The Hand & The Devil (2009) a short fan film directed Chris .R. Notarile for Blinky Productions. Written by Chris .R. Notarile & Kim Santiago. Starring Kim Santiago as “Elektra”, Adam Shorsten as “Matt Murdock/Daredevil”, Damien Colletti as “Bullseye”, and Pai Sen as “Resurrectionist”.

When crime lord, Kingpin, orders a hit on Daredevil, he sends his two best assassins: Elektra and Bullseye. But in a quarrel over who gets to collect and take out the Man without fear, Bullseye ultimately slays Elektra with her own Sai. Now, after a painful resurrection from the mysterious ninja force known as, the Hand, Elektra returns from the grave to finish her mission and KILL Daredevil.

Not rated. 11:10 run time. Watch the film here …

My thoughts… Elektra: The Hand & The Devil is better than both Marvel’s feature films Daredevil (2003) and Elektra (2005). Oh, and once Blinky regular Kim Santiago is adorable!

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