Gotham City Sirens (2015- ) is a new DC Comics fan project from cosplayers Noesis Flame. Starring Noesis members Mia (Harley Quinn), Hannah (Poison Ivy/Pamela Isly), and Allyson (Selina Kyle).

Not rated. The episodes are:

  • EP1 – Homeward Bound [2:50]. “Harley wants to watch her favorite movie, but Ivy is watching an “important documentary” Can Harley convince her to change the channel?”

Watch EP1 here …

My thoughts… Noesis Flame/Noesis Cosplay is a small group of adorable cosplayers who do adorable cosplay things. Gotham City Sirens isn’t the best DC fan series but I like it. It has potential. However, I think they probably should have called it Gotham Girls since this silly vignette is like a live-action episode of the Gotham Girls Flash animation series. Anyway, I’m looking forward to future episodes of GCS. Hopefully, we’ll see more of Catwoman!