SCREAMS ON PLANET ZERO! (2013) is a “Faux 50’s Sci-Fi Trailer” written & directed by David Schmidt for Sword & Cloak Productions. The film was one of the winning entries in the “Roger Corman 50’s Trailer Competition” presented by Terror in the Aisle‘s Sci-Fi Spectacular 7. Starring Peter Ash, Dennis Frymire and Lisa Herceg.

The crew of a runaway rocket land on a lost world, only to be menaced by a horrifying alien intelligence bent on their destruction.

Not rated. 1:05 run time. Watch the film here …

My thoughts… Wow! SCREAMS ON PLANET ZERO! is so wonderfully authentic! If this movie was real, I’m sure I would’ve watched it every time the local late-night horror hosts aired it on TV when I was a kid! I loved those ’50s sci-fi films! In fact, my basement’s walls are filled with poster reproductions of all the ’50s sci-fi B-movie classics! Check it out (here). I would love to have a 27×40 reproduction of the poster for SCREAMS ON PLANET ZERO! (here) on my wall!