C.A.T.s (Covert Anti-Espionage Team) (2012) was an action/espionage web series created and written by Frank Zanca. Directed by Kirk W. Murray. Starring Tim Russ, Paulette Williams, Kari Lee Cartwright, Alina Andrei, and Natascha Berg.

When a the leader of a covert espionage team finds out that her husband has been poisoned, she must do everything she can to get to the antidote, including kidnapping her superior officer and delivering him to a hostile force.

Not rated. The episodes produced are:

Watch the opening title sequence here …

Check out the concept artwork (here).

My thoughts… C.A.T.s is like Charlie’s Angels [the ’70s ABC TV series] with Lt. Commander Tuvok instead of Blake Carrington! I discovered C.A.T.s when I was looking into the work of German actress/model/host Natascha Berg for the post on my Top 5 favorite dinosaur B-movies on MHE (here). She starred #4 – Rise of the Dinosaurs [aka Jurassic Attack] (2013). I also planned on mentioning this web series in a post I started on stunt/actress Alina Andrei but I never finished the post, and so – here’s C.A.T.s!