The Ghastly Love of Johnny X (2012) is a sci-fi/horror/musical/comedy directed by Paul Bunnell for Ottermole Moving Picture Company. Written by Steve Bingen, Paul Bunnell, Mark D. Murphy, and George Wagner. Starring Will Keenan, Creed Bratton, De Anna Joy Brooks; Reggie Bannister, Les Williams, Jed Rowen; with Kate Maberly, Paul Williams and Kevin McCarthy.

Beware the Juvenile Delinquents from Outer Space!

Banished to Earth for intergalactic juvenile delinquency; Johnny X and his gang of Ghastly Ones set off in search of a piece of alien technology that could change the fate of the universe forever – the so-called “resurrection suit.” Soon, the extraterrestrial no-goodniks are embroiled in a whacky scheme involving a femme fatale named Bliss, a shifty concert promoter with schemes of his own, and a recently deceased musician who won’t let a little decomposition stop him from rocking.

Not rated. 106 minutes. B&W. Watch the trailer here …

My thoughts… The Ghastly Love of Johnny X,  presented in “GhastlyScope” B&W, is an out-of-this-world blast! It’s an inspired musical homage to ’50s sci-fi, horror and juvenile delinquency B-movies with a cleverly-written script that’s overloaded with snappy retro dialogue delivered with sincere enthusiasm by the entire cast! It’s like real cool, daddy-O! Campy, kitschy, and all that!

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