Hell’s Belles (2012) is a short horror/comedy film written and directed by Christian Ackerman for Bludgeoned Films. Starring Ariel Teal Toombs, Mayra Rodriguez; with Paul Gebeau, James Cavlo, Trista Robinson, Buffy Dakan, and Bonjah as “Beleth”.

On their way to a local bar, best friends and inexperienced Occult Specialists Adria Blackmoor and Helena Garcia get sidetracked by the local Sheriff to save a young girl from a sadistic demon from Hell. Utilizing their limited knowledge of demonology, they must find a way to stop him and make it to the bar before last call!

Not rated. 14:31 run time. Watch the film here:

Watch the film on Vimeo (here).

My thoughts… Hell’s Belles is like The CW’s TV series Supernatural except with two beautiful girls driving a ’79 Hearse instead of two good-looking guys driving a ’67 Impala! I’ll take Adria [played by the late Roddy Piper’s daughter!] and Helena over Sam and Dean! Supernatural is a good show but Hell’s Belles is a whole lot of sexy fun – with two very lovely ghost hunting ladies, some witty dialogue, and plenty of promise! I sure hope there’s more to come! Oh, and I love that rockabilly music of Luis and the Wildfires!