M is for Matador [aka El Matador] (2013) is a short horror film directed by Gigi Saul Guerrero for her Vancouver, BC-based LuchaGore Productions. Written by Shane McKenzie. Starring Olena Venidiktova (Bull Girl), Mathias Retamal (Matador), Emi Kamito (Victim 1), Karly Palmer (Victim 2), and Shadan Saul Guerrero (Radio V.O.). M is for Matador was submitted for the ABCs of Death 2‘s online search for the 26th director (here).

A sadistic killer who goes by the name ‘El Matador’, torments his victims in a bull like fashion.

Not rated. 3:01 run time. Watch the film here:

Watch the film on Vimeo (here).

M is for Matador didn’t make it into ABCs of Death 2 (2014). However, it was one of the 26 “M” films selected for inclusion in ABCs of Death 1.5 which was supposed to be released digitally by Drafthouse Films in early 2014.

My thoughts… M is for Matador is bloody, brutal and wonderfully original! I can’t believe it didn’t win the competition! And, where is ABCs of Death 1.5?! Bastards. Anyway, this amazing short was made by my new favorite filmmaker… Gigi Saul Guerrero! This is the first of her work that I’m posting here but I will definitely be posting more! Her short film Día de los Muertos is one of the films made by 8 Mexican directors for the horror anthology México Bárbaro (2014). I’ve been looking for a reason to rent that film on Amazon before it eventually makes it way to Netflix! Now I have one! What’s better than horror films with beautiful women? A beautiful woman who makes horror films with beautiful women …