Vanity Theft was an all-girl indie/alternative rock band from Dayton, Ohio formed in 2005. The final lineup included founding members Alicia Grodecki (lead vocals, keyboards, guitars), Brittany Hill (lead guitar, backing vocals), and Elyse Driskill (drums). Lalaine [Vergara-Paras], best known for her role as Miranda on the Disney TV series Lizzie McGuire (2001-04), was the band’s bass player from April 2010 to January 2011. Vanity Theft disbanded in February 2015. Recommended for fans of Hunter Valentine, Sick of Sarah, etc.

Selected discography:

Symptoms (2007). EP. 5 tracks. Choice cut: “Who You Say You Are”. 3 tracks (“Teeth and Bones”, “You Know the Drill”, “Symptoms”) were carried over to Vanity Theft‘s debut album Post Script: Pace Yourself.

Post Script: Pace Yourself (2008). 10 tracks. Choice cuts: “Where’s the Action?”, “Symptoms”. Other good cuts: “Excavating”, “Edit Edit Edit”, “Teeth and Bones”, “You Know the Drill”, “Multiply Divide”. The rest: “Take What You Can”, “In Retrospect”, “Crosley”.

The Anatomy EP (2010). 5 tracks. Choice cut: “Excavation”. 3 tracks (“Anatomy”, “Limb From Limb”, “Missing Teeth”) were carried over to Vanity Theft‘s 2nd album Get What You Came For.

Note: “Excavation” was a re-recorded version of the song “Excavating” from Post Script: Pace Yourself.

Get What You Came For (2011). Vigilante Music/Adamant Records. 10 tracks. Choice cuts: “Trainwreck”, “Limb From Limb”, “Anatomy”. Other good cuts: “My Cup Runneth Over”, “Rattle Rattle”, “Bit By Bit”, “Missing Teeth”, “End Scene”, “Dead Battery”. The rest: “Textbook Answer”.

“I Know You K(NEW) Me” (2012). Non-album single.

The Right Amount of Distance (2012). 7 tracks. Choice cuts: “Headstart”. Other good cuts: “Your Move”, “Ego”, “Play Dead”, “(De)structure”, “Sleeping Giant”. The rest: “Make It Stick”.

Selected videos:

Most of the songs from Vanity Theft‘s album Get What You Came For have been featured on the soundtrack to Tucky Williams’ award-winning lesbian web series Girl/Girl Scene – along with the songs of Hunter Valentine, Sick of Sarah, and others. In addition, Hunter Valentine, Sick of Sarah and Vanity Theft toured together on the Ladykillers Tour in 2012. Post Vanity Theft, Alicia Grodecki went on to form the indie pop trio Moira, while Brittany Hill went on to become a solo artist under the name Kerchief.

Band links: website/Facebook/Youtube/Bandcamp/ReverbNation

My thoughts… Vanity Theft played danceable indie rock “with a unique blend of riveting guitar riffs, catchy drum beats, and explosive keys and effects.” Their sound has been described as being “somewhere between the work of Sleater-Kinney and the Ting Tings.” I don’t like “danceable” but Vanity Theft, especially on Get What You Came For, made it work for me! Get What You Came For is a near perfect album! If the “Excavation”, from The Anatomy EP, were in place of “Textbook Answer” the  would, in fact, be perfect! My favorite scene featuring the music of Vanity Theft in Girl/Girl Scene is the opening scene of 1st episode of the 2nd season in which “Limb From Limb” plays as womanizing Evan (Tucky Williams) picks up beauty Avery (Kayden Cross) in a club and takes her home. Watch the episode (here).

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