ELIT UNIT (2014) is a short action film directed and choreographed by Cédric Tellier for Marseille, France-based Ced-CreAction. Starring Cédric Tellier and M-LEE.

Not rated. 16:41 run time. Watch the film (here).

Or watch “action girl M-LEE fight” from ELIT UNIT here …

My thoughts… ELIT UNIT is just a showcase for actor/action choreographer Cédric Tellier’s skills as well as those of actress/martial artist M-LEE. The film has no plot, character development, or dialogue – just stunning martial arts action and stylish gunplay! M-LEE’s fight with Tellier is one of the most brutal fights I’ve ever seen on film where a man fights a woman! I hope to see more of Cédric Tellier and M-LEE’s amazing action skills in the future!

Watch “action girl M-LEE vs double handed gun” from ELIT UNIT here …

And, watch M-LEE’s demo (here)!