The Applicators are an all-female punk/pop-punk band from Austin, TX formed in 1999. They are, in 2015, Sabrina (vocals), Erica (guitar), Katy (drums), Christina, and Rachel. The Applicators are influenced by classic punk bands such as The Misfits and The Cramps, as well as Motörhead. Recommended for fans of The UVs, Hear Kitty Kitty, etc.

Selected discography:


What’s Your Excuse? (2002). Debut album. Produced by Greg Hetson. 12 tracks. Choice cuts: “U Got It All”, “I Don’t Bleed”. Other good cuts: “Tear It Up”, “Good Things”, “Invisible Pill”, “My Turn”, “Violent School (Live)”, “She Smells Like Me”, “PC Kids”. The rest: “Gone Nowhere”, “Puke On You”, “Hola Cuca”.

Note: Greg Hetson is the guitarist for Circle Jerks/Bad Religion.

My Weapon (2006) [originally released in 2005 as I Know the Truth]. 12 tracks. Choice cuts: “Bad Infection”, “My Weapon”, “Tragedy”. Other good cuts: “I Need You”, “Obvious”, “Shove U Out’, “I Know the Truth”, “Kiss Off”, “Walk Away”, “I’m Out”, “Hello”, “New Realization” [My Weapon], “Oh Baby” [I Know the Truth].

Scandal (2015). 11 tracks. Choice cuts: “Scandal”. Other good cuts: “Dare”, “Action Anthem”, “No Sense”, “Hitmaker”, “Escape”, “Chemistry Set”, “11th Floor”, “Savannah”, “17 Again”, “Reflections”.

Note: “Reflections” is a cover of the 1967 hit by Diana Ross & the Supremes.

Selected videos:

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My thoughts… The Applicators are the best all-girl punk band from Austin, TX you never heard! Shame on you! The Applicator‘s early punk sound is firmly rooted in The Distillers (circa 2000) – especially on What’s Your Excuse? – and as far back as Legal Weapon (circa 1981-82), while their punky pop/rock sound, despite their cited influences, comes off like a bad-ass version of The Go-Go’s! My Weapon is a minor masterpiece! However, Scandal is an awesome comeback – even though they never really went away!