Die Happy is a German alternative rock band from Ulm formed in 1993 by Czech singer Marta Jandová and German guitarist Thorsten Mewes. The band’s lineup is currently filled out by Ralph Rieker (Bass) and Jürgen Stiehle (drums). Marta Jandová sings almost exclusively in English. Die Happy plays a tuneful blend of alternative metal, anthemic alt-rock and passionate ballads.

Selected discography:


Supersonic Speed (2001). 13 tracks. Choice cuts: “One Million Times”, “5 p.m”, “Supersonic Speed”. Other good cuts: “If”, “Like a Flower”, “Wasted”, “Higher Ground”, “Go For It”, “Now Or Never”. The rest: “Violent Dreams”, “Happy Now”, “Show Me Heaven”, “Fortune”.

Beautiful Morning (2002). 12 tracks. Choice cuts: “It’s All Over”, “Goodbye”, “Cry For More”. Other good cuts: “Leaving You”, “Not That Kind Of Girl”, “Paralyzed”, “Breathing”, “I Remember”. The rest: “Human Being”, “Sleeping Time”, “Adam’s Eyes”, “Undercover Genius”. Good Limited Edition track: “Savior”.

The Weight of the Circumstances (2003). 12 tracks. Choice cuts: “Good Friend”, “Everyday’s a Weekend”, “There You Are”. Other good cuts: “Standing Strong”, Wrong”, “Worlds Away”, “Slow Day”, “Take You On A Ride”, “Get Up”, “Big Boy”. The rest: “Your Soul Is A Pilot”, “Mannequin”.

Bitter To Better (2005). 13 tracks. Choice cuts: “Don’t Be Scared”, “I Am”, “Perfect”. Other good cuts: “Inside”, “Bitter To Better”, “In Love”, “Big Big Trouble”, “Stranded”, “If I Could Fly”, “Love To Hate You”. The rest: “Blood Cell Traffic Jam”, “Neon”, “Cancer”.

Four and More – Unplugged (2005). 13 tracks.


No Nuts No Glory (2006). 12 tracks. Choice cuts: “Whatever”, “Wanna Be Your Girl”, “Attitude”. Other good cuts: “You Cry”, “Gimme Gimme”, “Addictive”, “The Ordinary Song”, “Black Painted Heaven”, “Cherry Girl”. The rest: “Hello”, “None Of Your Business”, “Extraordinary Me”. Good Limited Edition tracks: “San Francisco”, “Just Like You”.

VI (2008). 13 tracks. Choice cuts: “Still Love You”, “Coming Home”. Other good cuts: “Wannabe”, “The End”, “Don’t You”, “Peaches”, “You’ll Never Know”, “Easy Come, Easy Go”, NY – Tokyo”, “Around The World”. The rest: “Sweet Sensation”, “Hysteria”, “Genuine Venus”. Bonus track: “The Answer”. Good Limited Edition track: “Frozen Tears”.

Note: “The Answer” is a hidden track at the end of “The End”.

Most Wanted: 1993-2009 (2009). 17 tracks. Choice previously unreleased cut: “Rebel in You”. Includes re-recorded ’09 versions of “Supersonic Speed”, “Violent Dreams” and “Breathing”.

Red Box (2010). 13 tracks. Choice cuts: “Anytime”, “Stay With Me”. Other good cuts: “Anywhere Without You”, “Mesmerized”, “Superstar”, “Good Things”, “Black Vicious Monster”, “Red Box”, “Survivor”, “Dance For You Tonight”. The rest: “Bang Boom Bang”, “Help Me”, “Sweet Enemy”.

Note: “Red Box” is an instrumental track.

Everlove (2014). 13 tracks. Choice cuts: “I Could Die Happy”, “Everlove”, “Surrender”. Other good cuts: “Run Away”, “Hang On”, “With or Without You”, “Miracle Rising”, “Empty”, “Too Fast”. The rest: “Hypnotized”, “Unlimited Love”, “Time is a Healer”, “Winner at War”.

Selected videos:

Band links: website/Facebook/Youtube/DieHappyVEVO

My thoughts… Die Happy is a German band with a Czech frontwoman who sings entirely in English? Yes. Why not? Krypteria is a German band with a South Korean frontwoman who sings entirely in English. Anyway, if you have never heard Die Happy before and love addictive alternative rock, then pick any one of their albums and listen – you will undoubtedly click to repeat tracks at least 3 or 4 times before you make it to the end. Listen to the other albums, and you’ll have a lengthy playlist of your own greatest hits! Die Happy isn’t a revolutionary rock band – they’re just a awesome rock band to listen to often!

Here’s my ranking of Die Happy‘s eight studio albums …

  1. Bitter To Better (2005).
  2. No Nuts No Glory (2006).
  3. VI (2008).
  4. Red Box (2010).
  5. The Weight of the Circumstances (2003).
  6. Supersonic Speed (2001).
  7. Everlove (2014).
  8. Beautiful Morning (2002).

Read my original post on RCR (here). My assessment of the albums VI and Red Box has changed since that post!