DrEAD (2012) is a “zombie action short” directed by Chris Ohara and produced by Christian Chick for MrDatChick. Starring Chris Ohara as The Tactical Guy, Christian Chick as The Cocky Dude, and Jasmine Hubbard as The Spunky Chick.

Not rated. 6:45 run time. Watch the film here …

My thoughts… I don’t really like Youtubers or techno music, but DrEAD is, at least, the second best ameteur film set entirely in an empty parking garage. Troll Attack: Zero (2013), of course, is the best! I like some of the stylish John Woo-esque gunplay moves in DrEAD. Oh, and I love The Spunky Girl (Jasmine Hubbard)! These kids need to make a film called The Spunky Girl vs Zombies starring Jasmine Hubbard! I’d watch the hell out of that!