Elektra [aka Lívia Xavier] is a Brazilian solo pop/rock singer/songwriter from São Paulo. Elektra is best known, as the lead singer of Paramore-inspired pop/rockers Fake Number who disbanded in November 2014.

Selected discography:

Untitled EP (2016). Elektra‘s debut solo EP is currently being crowd-funded via Brazil’s Kikante. Choice cut: “Noite”.

Selected videos:

Artist links: website/Facebook

My thoughts… Fake Number is not only my favorite rock band from Brazil, they’re also one of my favorite rock bands – period! Fake Number rises above language barriers with addictive melodies, crunchy riffs and Elektra‘s amazing vocals. If you doubt, watch this video for “Primeira Lembrança”

The truth is that, as much as Elektra loves Paramore, I was into Fake Number long before I finally embraced Hayley Williams‘ influential band! When I read that Fake Number called it quits and that Elektra was pursuing a solo career, I assumed, for some reason, that she’d go the acoustic route. Then, I saw the video for “Noite”! Awesome! I tried to pledge the campaign for her debut solo EP via Kikante but, apparently, I can’t do that here in the U.S.! I sure hope she makes the release available to her American fans – even if I’m the only one! Oh, and is it necessary for me to point out how adorable Elektra is? No, it’s not – but I did it anyway!