Nightmare Squad (2015) is a parody of the trailer for the upcoming film Suicide Squad [to be released 8/5/2016]. Directed by Roman Anthony, Shea Teixeira & Dana Kinson for Pretentious Gremlin Productions. Written by Roman Anthony. Starring Laurent Andruet (Hannibal Lecter), Wahayn Inello Clayton (Jack Crawford), Kevin Lacey (Michael Myers), Shea Teixeira (Sally), David Batchelor (Jason Voorhees), Adrianna Armendariz (Jigsaw), Feliz Schroeder (Freddy Krueger), Robert Shreder (Ash Williams), and Roman Anthony (Jack Skellington).

What happens when cinema’s most iconic horrors come together? Pure. Bloody. Magic. Bear witness to the trailer for the best movie you’ll probably never get to see!

Not rated. 2:08 run time. Watch the film here …

My thoughts… Nightmare Squad would make a great feature film! However, the concept of this trailer parody isn’t exactly new. Necessary Monsters (2011) by Sean Azzopardi is an original graphic novel published by First Comics in which a covert government agency recruits monsters and killers. None of them, however, are cinematic horror icons.