Suicidey Squad (2015) is a spoof of the trailer for the upcoming film Suicide Squad [to be released 8/5/2016). Directed & edited by Craig Deering & Allen Murphy for Evil Iguana Productions LLC. Written by Craig Deering. Starring Zach Allen (General), Kyle Bridges (Captain Boomerang), Craig Deering (Joker), Maurice Demus (Deadshot), James Doherty (Rick Flagg), Jenn Druchniak (Katana), Jeremy Germain (Slipknot), Joe Korbel (Batman), Meghan Lewis (Enchantress), Allen Murphy (El Diablo), Shariba Rivers (Waller), Callie Stephens (Harley Quinn), and George West (Killer Croc).

Not rated. 6:29 run time. Watch the film here …

My thoughts… Suicidey Squad is hysterical! Apologies to Nerdist but Evil Iguana’s spoof trailer is better than their parody trailer (here).