Batman: Dead End (2003) is a short fan film written and directed by Sandy Collora for Montauk Films and Level 7. Starring Clark Bartram as Batman, Andrew Koenig as The Joker, Kurt Carly as Predator, and Jake McKinnon as Alien. Batman: Dead End premiered July 19, 2003 at the San Diego Comic-Con.

Life isn’t fair. The Joker escapes from Arkham Asylum. Bruce Wayne puts on his Batman suit, mask, and cape, and goes in pursuit. He’s soon found the Joker and begins a fight to subdue the red-eyed, sneering villain. Then, suddenly, things take a surprising turn: the Joker becomes the least of Batman’s worries. New enemies appear: it’s as if he’s found himself in another set of comic books. Can he hold his own?

Not rated. 8:05 run time. Watch the film (here). Or (here). Or right here …

Watch a making of video (here).

In 2015, writer/director Eric Dow produced a feature-length documentary about the making of the short fan film called Behind the Mask: The Batman Dead End Story. Watch the trailer (here), or watch the documentary on Hulu (here).


My thoughts… I’m 15 years too late on this amazing fan film! However, I didn’t start to appreciate the Batman universe until relatively recently, so I didn’t even know this film existed! I love everything about Batman: Dead End – especially the Alien and Predator costumes!