Deadpool: Microwave Management (2016) is a Marvel fan film directed by Preston Yarger for HDH Pictures. Written by Preston Yarger and Jacob Williams. Deadpool played and voiced by Preston Yarger. Also starring Andrew Carlisi and Viva Valdez.

Guess who’s back! Your favorite spandex slut. The man just wants to cook a damn chimichanga…

Rated PG-13 [well, “Not rated”]. 5:49 run time. Watch the film here …

Watch the trailer (here).

My thoughts… Aspiring filmmaker Preston Yarger found my post on his awesome Deadpool fan film Deadpool: 8 Shots in 1 Shot (2015) and I, in turn, found his newest Deadpool fan film Deadpool: Microwave Management (2016)! Awesome! I love the fight choreography – courtesy of Andrew Carlisi – in this one! I hope Yarger keeps making these films! However, I hope he doesn’t let Deadpool kill any more adorably cute girls!