Infinity (2016) is a short film written and directed by Richard Boylan for Experience Everything Productions Inc. Starring Eva Jonn (Madeline Conrad), Anthony Rotondi (Project Director), Mel Hoy (Chloe) and Richard Boylan (Assistant). Infinity serves as a companion piece to director Richard Boylan’s 2015 short film Timelike.

Doctor Madeline Conrad is on the verge of creating a device capable of sending an object backwards in time, but on the eve of her greatest discovery she risks losing her life’s work to a violent madman.

Not rated. 5:13 run time. Watch the film here …

Watch the film on Vimeo (here).

My thoughts… Infinity is another amazing film from Richard Boylan! Timelike worked because so much detail was left unknown and those unknowns were were intensified by the realism of the found footage framework. Infinity takes an entirely different route in both respects. First, it’s a straight-forward narrative film. Second, everything is spelled out plainly and simply. Infinity is one of the coolest depictions of an infinite time loop I’ve ever seen! Of course, as with any time paradox, you’re left wondering… which event actually started the loop? But don’t think too hard – just enjoy!