Timelike (2015) is a short film written & directed by Richard Boylan for Experience Everything Productions Inc. Starring Eva Jonn (Madeline), Mel Hoy (Chloe) and Richard Boylan (Rich).

Madeline and her boyfriend are enjoying a quiet evening at home when they are interrupted by a visit from a stranger bearing a message from Madeline’s future self.

Not rated. 8:21 run time. Watch the film here …

Watch the film on Vimeo (here).

My thoughts… I love time paradoxes but I don’t really like found footage films. However, Timelike is a brilliantly crafted found footage time paradox film! You have to watch this film over and over again – as if you’re stuck in your own time loop like the one captured on Madeline’s boyfriend’s video recorder – in order to grasp what is going on! Even after watching Timelike numerous times, I’m still a little confused – but that’s what makes it so good! In addition, this sci-fi story works quite well as a horror film. The event happening outside Madeline’s apartment slowly increases in magnitude with each iteration of the loop, but it is never explained and that’s pretty damn scary! Awesome!

See also Infinity (2016).