Hunter Valentine is a Canadian punk/alternative rock band from Toronto, Ontario fronted by Kiyomi McCloskey (lead vocals/guitars). Kiyomi formed the band in 2004 with Laura Petracca (vocals/drums). After 3 albums and several line-up changes, the band, as of 2014, is Kiyomi, Laura Petracca, Leanne Bowes (bass), and Lisa Bianco (guitar). Hunter Valentine plays a hooky blend of rock, punk and pop driven by Kiyomi’s “husky vocals” and introspective lyrics.

Selected discography:

The Impatient Romantic (2007). 11 tracks. Choice cuts: “Break This”“Staten Island Dream Tour”, “Typical”. Other good cuts: “Lying Through Her Teeth”, “The Problem With Devotion”, “My Private Battle”, “Jimmy Dean”, “Wait and See”, “Van City”, “Rotting Love Guts”, “Judy”.

Lessons from the Late Night (2010). EP. 7 tracks. Choice cuts: “Revenge”, “The Stalker”. Other good cuts: “She Only Loves Me When She’s Wasted”, “A Youthful Existence”, “Barbara Jean”, “Scarface”, “Treadmills Of Love”.

Collide and Conquer (2012). 11 tracks. Choice cuts: “Nowhere to Run”, “Crying”, “Liar Liar”. Other good cuts: “This Bull Rides Tonight”, “Lonely Crusade”, “The Great Canadian Love Song”, “Ted’s Collision”, “Little Curse (Shit Happens)”, “Gates of Hell”, “The Pulse”, “Priscilla”.

“Burn with It” (2014). Co-written with singer/songwriter Linda Perry and featured on VH1’s Make or Break: The Linda Perry Project.

The Pledge (2016). EP. 6 tracks. Choice cuts: “Blackout Nights”, “Hurricane”. Other good cuts: “Empire of Nothing”, “Sick Sister”, “The Pledge”, “Burn with It”.

Selected videos:

In 2012, Hunter Valentine was featured on the third season of Showtime’s reality series The Real L Word with Kiyomi as part of the main cast. The band was previously featured, in 2010, on two episodes of the first season of Tucky Williams’ web series Girl/Girl Scene. In addition, their music provided part of Girl/Girl Scene‘s soundtrack on nearly every episode – along with Sick of Sarah, Vanity Theft and others. Then, in 2014, Hunter Valentine was featured on VH1’s Make or Break: The Linda Perry Project. Former guitarist Aimee Bessada left the band during production to perform as a solo artist on the series.

Sadly, Hunter Valentine announced that they will be going on hiatus – presumably after their So Long For Now Tour in 2016. Their final EP The Pledge was released on February 14, 2016.

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My thoughts… I tell everyone that Hunter Valentine is my favorite all-lesbian rock band, but the truth is that Hunter Valentine is simply just one of my favorite rock bands! I love how Kiyomi kind of whispers certain words for emphasis! “Nowhere to Run”, about Kiyomi’s coming out, should have been a huge mainstream hit! Oh, and as good as “Burn with It” is, Kiyomi doesn’t need Linda Perry to write great songs!

My thoughts (cont’d)… Hunter Valentine‘s final EP The Pledge is, unsurprisingly, awesome!! I can’t even pick a favorite! However, it sucks that Hunter Valentine is going on hiatus! Well, that means that I cannot miss their performance at The Grog Shop in Cleveland Heights, OH on March 22, 2016!

My thoughts (cont’d)… I missed the show. I need new friends.

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