Almost Adults (2016) is a comedy directed by Sarah Rotella & written by Adrianna DiLonardo. Starring Natasha Negovanlis, Elise Bauman, Justin Gerhard, and Winny Clarke. Fully funded via Kickstarter.

This comedy feature follows two best friends in their final year of college while they transition into adulthood. One embraces her sexuality and tries to catch up on everything she has missed during her teenage years, while the other ends a long term relationship with her boyfriend and discovers her life isn’t going as planned. Both struggle to keep their friendship together as they begin growing apart.

Not rated. 90 minutes. Watch the official trailer here …

My thoughts… I am not part of this upcoming film’s target demographic but that’s not stopping me from being excited about its release! So, until then, I am going over to KindaTV to watch Elise Bauman and Natasha Negovanlis in two seasons of the web series Carmilla (2014- )! Ooh, then I’ll watch Tara Joshi in V Morgan is Dead (2015- )! I think I found my new favorite channel!