Girls in Their Undies vs Zombies is a series of six illustrations by US graphic artist MassGRFX. One day, photographer Jesse Seaward, SFX make-up artist Bill Turpin and retoucher Vahakn Vorrperian decided to set about bring them to life. The plan was to create an eighteen image series. They wanted to make an interpretation of the six main scenes from the series but also a portrait of each character either before or after the incident that takes place.

Check out the project website (here). Check out the six main scenes here …


Check out a behind-the-scenes video of the photo shoot here …

Jesse Seaward Photography links: website/Facebook

My thoughts… The original illustrations (here) are awesome. The images above are pure genius. The attention to detail is stunning! However, I count seven original illustrations – not six. They’re missing the one with the girl tripping the zombie with a chain. No big deal. These six are amazing enough! If you want a little more, go to the project website (here) to check out the twelve additional portraits! Oh, and if the next step in Girls in Their Undies vs Zombies is a filmed version financed via a crowd-funding source, well, count me in!

Why are these girls fighting zombies in their undies? Well, the zombie apocalypse obviously occurred while they were having a slumber party. Duh.