Kitty in a Casket is an Austrian psychobilly/punk rock band from Vienna formed in 2008. They are Kitty Casket (vocal), Billy the Bat (guitar), Todd Flash (guitar), Tom Mooner (bass/upright bass), and Max van Angst (drums). Kitty in a Casket plays a mix of psychobilly, punk, horror punk, and pop/punk. Recommended for fans of HorrorPops, The Creepshow, Mad Marge & The Stonecutters, etc.

Selected discography:


Horror Express (2009). 13 tracks. Choice cuts: “Horror Express”, “Bride of the Monster”. Other good cuts: “Blood Lovesong”, “Nekrophilian Love”, “My Cannibal Paradise”, “Under Ghost Town’s Moon”, “Since You Are Dead”, “Moonlight Massacre”, “Space Invaders”. The rest: “Intro”, “Under Your Bed”, “Sweet Nightmares”, “Slave Of Church”.

HalloWien (2009). EP. 4 tracks. Choice cuts: “Zombie Wannabe”, “Goodbye”. Other good cuts: “Way To Hell”, “Undead Men”.

Back To Thrill (2011). 13 tracks. Choice cuts: “Don’t Get Me Wrong”, “Midnight Thrill-Ride”. Other good cuts: “Monster Highschool Party”, “Never Wanted”, “You Will Remember”, “Back To Thrill”, “Run Run”, “Headshot”, “Trash Talkers”, “Prom Song”, “Caught In A Dream”, “Shake Your Bones”, “Blutsauger”.

“All the Things She Said”Lolita KompleX feat. Kitty Casket (2013). A single from the Austrian gothic rock band.

Bittersweet (2013). 14 tracks. Choice cuts: “Kreepsville 666”, “Dancing With the Devil”. Other good cuts: “In Blood We Trust”, “The Cheesy Song”, “Decline”, “Die Geister Die Ich Rief”, “We Come From Venus”, “Bis Der Vorhang Fällt”, “In The End”, “Best Before Doomsday”, “Fading Away”. The rest: “Afterglow”, “Bite the Dust”, “Nighttime Sky”.

Kiss & Hell (2016). 13 tracks. Choice cuts: “Sticks & Stones”, “Lurking in the Dark”. Other good cuts: “Bloodlust”, “Of Cats & Demons”, “Straight To Hell”, “Nightmare”, “Yeah Yeah Yeah”, “Deep Black Underground”, “St. Tropez”, “Gone”, “Feuer & Eis”, “Black Skinny Jeans”, “Red Sweet Red”.

Selected videos:

Kitty in a Casket is also featured in the post-apocalyptic zombie series I Zombie by horror author Jack Wallen. Kitty Casket and her bandmates are the heroes of The Last Casket (2014) and Kiss & Hell (The Last Casket Book 2) (2016). The second book was published to coincide with the release of the band’s 4th album.

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My thoughts… Kitty in a Casket is one of the best female-fronted psychobilly/punk bands out there! Their recently released 4th album Kiss & Hell is easily their best – and most punk – to date! “Sticks & Stones” is the band’s coolest single since “Don’t Get Me Wrong”, while “Lurking in the Dark”, “Bloodlust”, “Of Cats & Demons”, “Straight to Hell”, and “Nightmare” are more great tracks all in a row! Oh, and I love the video for “Lurking in the Dark” which tells the song’s tale of a gun-toting, revenge-seeking, female monster killer through an awesome B&W&Red motion comic! The art is very cool but I’d love to see a live-action version!

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