Madding (2009) is a short Danish film written & directed by Jonas Kvist Jensen for LoneTower Visuals. Starring Simone Lykke and Steffen Nielsen.

Chili is an ordinary girl, who on an ordinary summer’s day ventures out to a countryside lake for a swim – all alone. The lake seems deserted, but little does she know that someone or something is watching her.

Not rated. 13:31 run time. Danish (w/English subtitles). Watch the film here …

My thoughts… “Madding” translates as “Bait” in English. I didn’t know that when I first watched Madding. Now it all makes sense. I love the this film’s cruel twist! Oh, and I love Simone Lykke! She is so adorable! She also stars in Zombiehagen (2014) – “a 25-minute horror-action zombieapocalypse film, set in Copenhagen, Denmark.” Watch the trailer (here). I’d love to see that film!