Tomb Raiders? (2015) is a “Lara Croft vs Lara Croft” fan film directed by Michael Strat for Katie Wilson. Written by Mary Risk and Katie Wilson. Starring Melonie Mac and Katie Wilson. Featuring Awesome Joey, Jamie Fishback and Traycee King.

Not rated. 3:52 run time. Watch the film here …

My thoughts… I love this! It’s funny! My favorite part: “Alright, which one is the real Lara Croft?” Jamie Fishback wonders. “I am!” Katie and Melonie declare in unison. “No she’s not!” they add, glancing at each other. “Fine! We’ll kill ’em both!” Awesome Joey says. “She’s Lara,” Katie says, pointing at Melanie. “Hey!” Melanie exclaims as Katie shrugs. Both Katie and Melanie make adorable Lara Crofts, for sure. However, I’ve got to side with Melanie – Lara’s not blonde!