Shades of Blue is a comic book series written by James S. Harris & Rachel Nacion, with artwork by Greg Grucel (#1-2) and Cal Slayton (#3-10). The issues (#1-10) were originally self-published by James S. Harris between July 1999 and November 2002 under the name Amp Comics. Issues #1-5 were collected by Digital Webbing as Shades of Blue: The Collected Edition, Volume 1 (2003) and, again, by Devil’s Due Publishing, in digest format, as Shades of Blue: Volume 1 (2004).


Shades of Blue: Volume 1 (2004) [above right]. Collects issues #1-5 plus a new 8-page prologue, a 4-page mini-comic made up for the 2001 convention season, a 6-page epilogue originally published in Digital Webbing Presents, and pin-ups and behind the scenes artwork from Cal Slayton.

Teenager Heidi Page lives a happy life as an ordinary, everyday high school student–until she wakes up one morning with blue hair and the power to control electricity! But Heidi’s not alone–soon fellow students and a substitute teacher develop powers of their own. Can friends and wannabe sidekicks K.T. and Marcus convince Heidi to risk her life to save the school? Or will she choose to stay home and blow off homework like a normal teenager?


Shades of Blue #1-5


Shades of Blue #6-10

My thoughts… Shades of Blue is a wonderful independent teen superheroine comic that predated DC’s equally wonderful mainstream teen superheroine comic Bad Girls (here)! Shades of Blue is like MTV’s animated series Daria as if imagined by Stan Lee! Sadly, I haven’t read issues #6-10 because I was waiting for the second digest-sized volume. However, I’ve been waiting for 12 years!