Space Girl (2012- ) is a sci-fi/comedy web series created & directed by Tom Small for Barely Productions (formerly Barely Political). Starring Lauren Francesca.

The various adventures of Space Girl, an outer space heroine who deals with aliens, mad scientists, and other space things.

Watch the “SPACE GIRL SIZZLE REEL” here …

Season One (2012). Not rated. The episodes are …

  • Abandon Ship! (2012) [2:36]. “Space Girl has to deal with her uncooperative ship’s AI as she is shot down over the planet Slugulon.” Featuring Ann Carr and Todd Womack.
  • Pseudopods! (2012) [3:21]. “Space Girl must stop the evil Dr. Brain’s missile that threatens to destroy the planet Slugulon.” Featuring Mark Douglas, Todd Womack and Regina Small. Watch a deleted scene (here) and a behind-the-scenes (here).
  • Impossible Choice! (2012) [2:19]. “Space Girl agonizes over the decision whether or not to kill a cute, cuddly creature required to disarm the missile that threatens to destroy the far more disgusting residents of the planet Slugulon.” Featuring Mark Douglas and Todd Womack. Watch a deleted scene (here) and outtakes (here).


Season Two (2013-14). Not rated. The episodes are …

  • The Iron Giant! (2013) [2:02]. “Space Girl faces her biggest challenge yet!” Watch a behind-the-scenes (here).
  • Belly Of The Beast! (2013) [1:50]. “Swallowed by the Iron Giant, Space Girl battles robot spiders!” Watch a behind-the-scenes (here).
  • Gravity! (2014) [1:19]. “An emergency forces Space Girl to enter the void!”. Watch a behind-the-scenes (here).
  • Origins! (2014) [2:56]. “In a dark laboratory on an alien world, a legend is born!” Watch Lauren and Tom respond to comments (here).

Belly Of The Beast!

Additional videos …

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My thoughts… Space Girl is a sexy, retro sci-fi romp! The second season episodes, in particular, are exciting and awesomely cool! I would love to see more Space Girl adventures with Space Girl, sans dialogue, fighting off other interstellar menaces with nothing but her wits [that’s wits – with a “w”]! The first season episodes are cool, too, but the double entendres [especially in Ep2!] get old quickly. More action, less talk! You may notice that some episodes are missing. The three episodes of season one are sequential and “Impossible Choice!” ends without an ending, while the first two episodes of season two are also sequential but “The Iron Giant!” begins without a beginning. In addition, “Gravity!”, which is not a continuation of “Belly Of The Beast!”, is referred to as Ep8 in the behind-the-scenes. So, using simple logic, Ep4 and Ep7 are missing! Oh, and despite numerous dumb comments on Youtube, Space Girl has more to offer than Lauren Francesca’s ample cleavage!