Deadpool (2014) is a French fan film directed by Matyas Vertesi and co-directed by Jean Adrien Espiasse for .Moov & FSP. Starring Colin Deleau (Deadpool), Romaine Cannone (Alter Ego), Lionel Fernandez (The Clown), and Anissa Abzar (Crazy Bitch).

Not rated. 11:53 run time. Watch the film here (but ignore Deapool’s voice) …

Watch the film in HD on .Moov’s Vimeo channel (here).

My thoughts… I started to watch this fan film several times when I stumbled upon it while searching for new fan films on different occasions but, as soon as Deadpool’s voice-over narration began, I bailed. He just doesn’t sound like the Deadpool we’ve all come to know and love. However, don’t be like me – just ignore the voice and watch the film! It’s an awesome Deadpool fan film!