No Ordinary Love (2015) is a fan film written & directed by Tuomas Hautamäki for Tribane Pictures. Starring Maria Kunnari, Tuomas Hautamäki, Salla Vierelä, Tommi Maronen, Anne-Mari Hautamäki, Joni Koutuaniemi, and Laura Linna. Music by Tuomas Hautamäki & Juno Longi. Inspired by the Sin City graphic novels by Frank Miller (and the 2005 film adaptation by Robert Rodriguez).

Finland. Not rated. 17:43 minutes.

Watch the original teaser (here) and the final teaser (here).


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My thoughts… A dame to kill for! No Ordinary Love is a well-done tribute to Frank Miller’s neo-noir graphic novel Sin City; and, even more so, to Robert Rodriguez’s stylish 2005 film adaptation. This short film is dark, gritty and cool! Finland-based filmmaker Tuomas Hautamäki says that No Ordinary Love is “an independent, very low budget film, shot in four days.” Impressive! Oh, and the Rodriguez-esque original soundtrack is fantastic – especially the track that plays over the end credits! Listen to the entire score (here)! Now, I’m very excited for Hautamäki’s upcoming short film Night Out. Watch the first teaser here …