Cirse is an Argentine alternative rock band formed in Adrogué, Buenos Aires in 2003. They are Luciana Segovia (vocals), Gabriel Leopardi (lead guitar), Sebastian “Ziva” Leopardi (bass), Christian “Nek” Bonelli (rhythm guitar), and Martin Magliano (drums). Circe mixes influences from influences from pop, rock, metal, grunge, and punk. Recommended for fans of American rock bands like Paramore, Foo Fighters, etc; or Argentine rock bands like Connor Questa, OBS, Levitar, etc.

Selected discography:

bi-polar (2007). 11 tracks. Choice cuts: “Muy Tarde”, “Algo Quedará”. Other good cuts: “Alma de Diamante”, “Cuando Despiertes”, “Malezas”, “Mentiras”, “Huir”, “A Través de Mi”, “Katmandú”, “Algo Quedará (Acústico)”. The rest: “Tecno”.

Notes: “Alma de Diamante” is a cover of a song originally written & recorded by Argentine rocker Luis Alberto Spinetta (aka El Flaco) for his jazz rock band Spinetta Jade in 1980. Cirse‘s cover was featured on a tribute album titled Al Flaco… Dale Gracias“Katmandú” is a cover of a song originally by Argentine blues rocker Pappo.

Imaginario (2010). 13 tracks. Choice cuts: “Juré”, “Invisible”, “Ahí estaré”, “Asesina serial”. Other good cuts: “Mi percepción”, “Lo que no soy”, “Direccion incierta”, “Cerrando puertas”, “Confesión”, “Un extraño”, “En las ausencias”, “Nada puedo hacer”, “Contradicciones”.

Rompiente (2013). 11 tracks. Choice cuts: “Miedos”“Apuesta”“Rompiente”, “Por Tu Bien”“Inocencia”, “Ritual”. Other good cuts: “Desinféctame”, “Sueños”, “Dejarte ir”, “Hoy”, “Desde adentro”.

Pulsiones (2015). EP. 5 tracks. Choice cuts: “Promesas”, “Ácido”. Other good cuts: “Eléctrico”, “El Cazador”, “Ecos”.

Sinergia (2016). Live (En Vivo) album/DVD.

Selected videos:


Band links: website/Facebook/Youtube

My thoughts… Cirse is yet another awesome female-fronted Latin American rock band that I discovered back in 2012! My obsession with the region’s music started in Portuguese-speaking Brazil [with Fake Number] but eventually moved into Spanish-speaking Argentina – South America’s second biggest country. Cirse had only two albums  at the time: bi-polar and Imaginario. I loved them both and so I posted about the band on my first blog. A year later, I downloaded Cirse‘s third album Rompiente. However, my Latin obsession had waned and I quickly moved on to whatever else it was I was into at the time. Last week, on a whim, I decided to listen to Cirse. I started with Rompiente and, unsurprisingly, I heard what I missed the first time around! I was hooked, once again, on Cirse‘s addictive pop hooks and alternative rock riffs! Rompiente is their best full-length album to date but all are pretty awesome! The EP Pulsiones, which I recently downloaded, is great, too – just way too short! Now, I’m going to dive into their latest live set Sinergia because God knows I’ll never actually be able to see them play live!

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