Espartaco was a Chilean pop/punk trio from Santiago formed in 2005. They were Elisa Montes (vocals/guitar), Daniel Palma (drums) and Rino Baccelli (bass). Montes is a former member of all-girl Chilean pop group Supernova. Espartaco disbanded in 2012, and Montes formed alternative rock band Slowkiss in 2014.

Selected discography:

Las Ovejas (2008). 15 tracks. Choice cuts: “Torturame”“Ya No Quiero”, “Runnin”. Other good cuts: “Foo Fighters”, “Nadie Quiere Ver” (feat. Tiro de Gracia), “Breath In”, “Espartaco”, “Perdon”, “Traicion”, “Bombas”, “Rage”, “Piti Hombre”, “Happy Hour”. The rest: “Interludio I”, “Interludio II”. Download the album (here).

Selected videos:

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My thoughts… I discovered Espartaco way back… umm, yesterday! I stumbled on the video for “Ya No Quiero” while I was watching Circe videos for my previous post (here). I fell instantly for Espartaco‘s poppy punk sound and I LOVED singer Elisa Montes’s obvious nod to Brody Dalle [in the 2002 video for The Distillers“Drain the Blood”]! Las Ovejas is my favorite album of the week! The song “Foo Fighters” is aptly titled! Oh, and I love that Espartaco‘s pop/punk is so far removed from Montes’s former band Supernova‘s dance pop! Imagine if Perrie Edwards left Little Mix and started a punk band!