Bleed the Night (2016) is a short zombie action film directed by Reza Ghassemi for Cinesia Pictures. Starring Nicole Zyana and Jon Aranda.

After being kidnapped, Audrey awakens and discovers her terrifying post-apocalyptic reality.

Not rated. 13:53 run time. Watch the film here …

My thoughts… Bleed the Night is a wonderfully imaginative short zombie action film that begs to be expanded into a feature film! At first, I thought I was getting a live-action adaptation of Girls in their undies vs Zombies (here/here) but then I found myself watching Run Lola Run meets The Walking Dead and more! Truth be told, I could’ve watched Audrey “respawn” [that’s what the kids say, right?] a dozen more times! I’m looking forward to seeing what else aspiring filmmaker Reza Ghassemi has to offer!

Note: Yes, it sucks that this film can no longer be viewed on YouTube!