Dead@17 Rebirth (2016) is a live-action fan film written & directed by Jack Heller for POPBOOM. Based on characters created by Josh Howard. Starring CC Weske as Nara Kilday and Lucy Freyer as Hazy Foss.

Dead@17 what is it? The ultimate battle between Good and Evil is about to be fought in the most unlikely of places, and the outcome will depend on the choices of one teenage girl. In the small suburb of Darlington Hills, two friends, Nara Kilday and Hazy Foss, are about to be caught in the middle of a conflict that will change their lives forever. Dead@17 is a series about friendship, love, loss, destiny, and betrayal, and the choices one must make in the face of ultimate adversity.

Not rated. 10:30 run time. Watch the film here …

Watch trailer #1 (here) and trailer #2 (here).

POPBOOM links: website/Facebook/Youtube

My thoughts… Dead@17 Rebirth is “the official action packed live action adaptation of the hit indie comic book series created by Josh Howard” and it’s AWESOME!!! Josh Howard’s Dead@17 is one of my favorite comic book series – second only to Tim Seeley’s Hack/Slash – and Dead@17 Rebirth is an amazing adaptation that delivers a badass Nara (aspiring stunt woman CC Weske) and well-choreographed zombie-killing action! I still love Mark Steensland’s faithful [to the 1st issue] fan film (here) but Dead@17 Rebirth “starts the beloved series on a set of new adventures.” In fact, according to POPBOOM’s comments, part two is “in the works.” A Dead@17 web series? There is a God!

OK, I’ve watched Dead@17 Rebirth, like, a million times and not only am I looking forward to the next installment, I’m looking forward to anything that CC Weske does next! I am her new biggest fan!