Dawn of the Drunk (2015) is a short zombie comedy directed by Ryan Massey for UTV Films. Written by Katie Gilligan. Starring Theone Khramova, Adam Moreno, Madeline Guilmette, Savanah Case, dDamian Foreman, Austin Kennedy, Dru Miller, Leticia Carrasco, and Sydney Humphreys.

The zombie apocalypse converges with Tequila Sunrise, a popular college drinking holiday, in this original zombie comedy from UTV Films.

Not rated. 13:12 run time. Watch the film here …

My thoughts… Dawn of the Drunk was made by the students of Northern Arizona University for their student-produced TV station UTV62. It’s good fun and I love it! The main cast is very likable, the B&W is really cool, and barmaid Joanna (Theone Khramova) is pretty bad-ass! I was sad that adorable Stephanie (Savanah Case) was killed but it’s OK because her death scene was hysterical! I was also sad that the other barmaid Danielle (Leticia Carrasco) was killed because she was adorable, too! Oh, and this film supports my theory that a lot of shit goes down in empty parking garages [see Troll Attack: Zero, Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness, DrEAD, On Target, The Adventures of Super7even, etc]!