Porcelana is a Mexican alternative rock band from Monterrey, Nuevo León formed in 2006. They are Joselyn “Joss” Paulette Medina (vocals), Manolo (guitar), Marcelo (guitar), Pato (drums), and Berny (bass). Porcelana released their self-titled debut album in 2010 with original vocalist Marcela Chao. Porcelana‘s follow-up album Perverso Deseo, with Joss on vocals, was released in 2013. Recommended for fans of American alternative rock bands like Evanescence, Faces of March, UnSaid Fate, Paramore, etc.

Selected discography:

Porcelana (2010). 10 tracks. Choice cuts: “Reflector”, “Viaje al Sur”, “Carta a un Ciego”. Other good cuts: “Entre Rosas y Café”, “Fantasmas en la nieve”, “Porcelana”, “Lo vi venir”, “Escape”, “A traves de los sueños”, “Entre tus manos”.

Perverso Deseo (2013). 10 tracks. Choice cuts: “No soy tan fuerte”. Other good cuts: “Será”, “Espejismo”, “Vértigo”, “Tu Esencia”, “Una y otra vez”, “Un millon de cosas”, “Cruces Rosas”, “Sueños de ayer”, “Perverso Deseo”.

Selected videos:

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My thoughts… Porcelana‘s debut is an excellent collection of catchy alternative rock! “Entre Rosas y Café” is my favorite track. I think that song should’ve been a single. Perverso Deseo is good but I have to admit that I prefer Marcela’s vocals over Joselyn’s. However, I’ve only been listening to the new album for about a week but the debut has been a favorite of mine since 2012. I didn’t even know that the new album was out there! You can listen to it (here). Or you can get their debut on iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, etc.

Note:  Marcela is in the photo below, while Joss is in the photo above.